My bike locked up at Union Station

My bike locked up at Union Station

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Friday, August 5, 2011

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Since I park my bike either at Union Station, or at work, it rarely spends any time at home. This means I would have to go out of my way during my commute to try to find a bike pump when my tires were feeling low.

After a few years of that foolishness, I splurged and purchased a bike pump that now lives in my office. This makes it easy for me to keep my tires properly inflated (or at least have no excuse for the times my tire pressure is low).

I'm now known as the person who keeps the bike pump in her office by students and colleagues alike. And I'm happy to loan my pump to fellow bike riders who can fill up their tires here at work. Here's a picture of my trusty bike, in my office as I prepare to give my tires a bit of air.

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