My bike locked up at Union Station

My bike locked up at Union Station

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

•take a picture of something along your commute that says “summer” to you, and explain why

I love riding the LFP south to work. There's alway something new to see, hear, smell, experience. And that's especially true in the summer. I was riding south one morning, rounding the bend just north of McCormick Place when I saw a large group of cyclists, walkers, and runners stopped. There were police cars blocking the path. It turns out President Obama was leaving his Hyde Park home. He had traveled by motorcade to Soldier Field and then boarded Marine One. We were told we'd have to stay put until his helicopter was in the air. Of course, there were a bunch of helicopters since you never really know which one the President is on.

This first picture shows people waiting for the helicopters to take off.

The next pictures show one of the helicopters flying right over us! I don't care how jaded you are, there is something pretty darn exciting about having the President's helicopter take off right over head!

I emailed my partner and my boss to let them know what was happening, and why I'd likely be late for work. As my partner said, "Best excuse ever for being late!" I'm only sorry I wasn't able to capture the SWAT team members, dressed in black from head to toe, on top of McCormick Place! What an exciting morning.

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